We all hear the stories. We gossip about the rumors. We all know about the objects. Some of us may be skeptical, or don't believe... But we should... These objects are more real than you may know. They exist, they are out there, and they are harmful. Take, for example, the "Hands Resist Him" painting. Look particularly hard into the detail, the eerie style, and take note of the hands, which appear to move.


The photograph Bill Stoneham's parents took of him when he was 5 years old wasn't worth a thousand words. It was worth a million nightmares. At the time, Stoneham's father was in advertising and did quite a bit of traveling. The family was staying at his grandmother's apartment in Chicago to save money. The place was so small, Stoneham was forced to sleep on a mat in a closet filled with dresses, coats, and hats. Stoneham regularly played outside with one of the girls from the neighborhood. During one of these occasions, his parents had both kids pose in front of a glass door for a photograph. Little did they know, two decades later, Stoneham would transform the mundane childhood photograph into a terrifying painting that has become the stuff of Internet legend.

Since Stoneham finished the work in 1974, forty-three people associated with it have died. It was eventually sold on E-Bay, and bought. The couple who bought it were shocked when their 4 and 1/2 year old daughter claimed that "The children in the picture were fighting, and coming into the room at night." The father of this young girl set up a motion-sensitive camera in her room to show his daughter there was nothing to be afraid of. Instead, he saw the boy crawl from the painting. He later said, “The video had shown the doll coming to life and using a 'gun' held in her hand to force the boy to leave the painting!” The worst part? People who have owned this, or stared at it too long, have reported seeing the boy and the doll "Following" them. Owners sell the painting, but the boy and doll still keep haunting them, until they finally die under mysterious circumstances.

Have you looked at it? If so, how long did you look? You might start feeling a little uncomfortable. Maybe even vomit a little. At night, you might start seeing the boy appear or disappear. He might be seen in a mirror, or running around the corner. Beware the boy, yes, but... If you see the doll... RUN!!!!